I posted this on my Facebook but got to thinking, hey, this might be helpful to readers here on the workingvo blog as well. Here ye be! So a few weeks ago, I switched all of my email/calendar/contacts to Microsoft Exchange away from Google Apps. My thinking was thus: most of my clients are businesses… (0 comment)

I keep thinking, “Man, I really need to get something up there on workingvo.com, but I’m just so busy!” Apparently, I’ve been busy for over 4 months! Indeed, it has been nuts around here. A quick summary: Trip to Los Angeles in May to build an audio/video studio for a priest friend of mine. Based… (0 comment)

Hey there! Long time no chat! My recent trip to Guatemala put just about everything on the back burner but we’re back in the game now. 🙂 I’ve had a few folks ask what my process is for recording a piece of work. A couple of things came in today that I thought would be… (1 comment)

Without a doubt, your website is one of the most important marketing tools for your voiceover business. At a minimum, there are three things that I think every voice talent needs to have on their website: a play button, a downloadable link to an mp3 of your demo, and booking info. Check out the video and… (2 comments)

When it comes to selecting a name for your voiceover business, my advice is to keep it simple. If possible, just use your name. Check out the video to hear why. You may be asking, “But Anthony, why don’t you use your name? What’s with the fancy Third Hour Media, LLC business name?” Good catch!… (2 comments)

Where there’s a gathering of voiceover people, there’s likely to be at least some mention of microphones. Folks new to the business especially want to talk about mics. What mic should you buy? Why? While I don’t answer this directly, I hope this video provides some insights to help both those new to the field… (3 comments)

One of the great things about being a self-employed voice talent is the flexibility. We really can do our job from anywhere. Have microphone, will travel. There are a lot great professional development opportunities this year. There’s VO Atlanta, WoVoCon III, and we’re crossing our fingers for another Faffcon. This means travel for most of… (0 comment)

I’d like to share a little story with you. I recently hired 3 voice talents for a project. 2 of the 3 said “thank you” at the beginning of the project, during the project, and at the conclusion. One of them said nothing; he just recorded his parts (after a complex negotiation) and sent me… (2 comments)