Voiceover Microphones

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Where there’s a gathering of voiceover people, there’s likely to be at least some mention of microphones. Folks new to the business especially want to talk about mics. What mic should you buy? Why?

While I don’t answer this directly, I hope this video provides some insights to help both those new to the field and the working pro.

Comments (3)

  • I have an AT-2035 and think it suits my voice very well. I also have a Rhode NTG-1 shotgun mic that I use also. My noise floor is always -55 to -65 db most of the time. I don’t see any need to upgrade mic’s at any point in the near future for now.

  • Great advice, Ant’ney. I’ve seen too many aspiring talent run out and buy a Sennheiser 416 or CAD E100S or even Neumann 103 because they heard it was a great mic. # 1. Get coaching, # 2. what does your recording environment sound like? # 3. mic and interface choices – yes, ask a friend who’s got a few mics to record you on them and see which one suits your voice best. AT 2035 is a fine choice.

  • “Sound advice. . .”

    I crack me up. . . (grin)

    As I would expect… grow your skills and abilities with your business…
    start with the best you can with what you have from where you are…
    as your clients demand higher quality, work on producing better quality…


    work on producing better quality as you search for clients
    with higher quality demands…

    I think I got it. . .

    thanks for sharing. . .

    Until that time…


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