What’s In A Name?

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When it comes to selecting a name for your voiceover business, my advice is to keep it simple. If possible, just use your name. Check out the video to hear why.

You may be asking, “But Anthony, why don’t you use your name? What’s with the fancy Third Hour Media, LLC business name?”

Good catch! I actually do a lot more than voiceover in my studio. I also do a lot of production and function like a studio. I have several corporate clients that prefer to work B2B rather than with an individual. So to them, Third Hour Media, LLC is their solution. But for voiceover, it’s just me, Anthony Gettig. 🙂

Comments (2)

  • Good point Anthony! Smart thoughts as always! 🙂

  • How ’bout a combo of the two? A simple, easy to remember, no-problem-remembering-the-spelling, same as the domain name brand name, followed by my name? I’m starting a VO biz, and just secured my domain name (currently parked). You’re the first to see it:

    Mark Aaron Gillman, Voice-Actor


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