Welcome back!

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I keep thinking, “Man, I really need to get something up there on workingvo.com, but I’m just so busy!”

Apparently, I’ve been busy for over 4 months!

Indeed, it has been nuts around here. A quick summary:

  1. Trip to Los Angeles in May to build an audio/video studio for a priest friend of mine.
  2. Based upon invoice count, I’ve done 289 voiceover projects since my last workingvo blog post.
  3. ALMOST moved my studio, but decided to stay put.


I can’t exactly call it the lazy days of summer, as 289 jobs reflects a nutty schedule. But I’ve put some things in place lately and adjusted some processes to help me manage the increase of work much better. I can finally breathe! 🙂 I’ll be sharing some of these things on the blog in the weeks ahead.

So here we are, ready to roll again! Welcome (back) to WorkingVO.com!


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